Q: Where do I find information?

A: The best place to start is to view the information flier on the webpage for the practice site which you wish to join.  Once you have read it, should you have any further questions contact the site administrator.  Their information is listed on the contacts page.

Q: How do I join RMSC?

A:   All RMSC sites have limited spaces, team selection is done through an evaluation.

Q: What are the fee's?

A: The fee's for RMSC are listed on the flier.  All fee's are the same for each site with the exception of Rockville.  The team fee's include meet entry fee's (except Rockville).  All fee's are due at the time of registration and we do not offer payment plans.

Q: Are all sites the same?

A: All sites are similar in that they all offer the same groups.  However, the participant makeup (age, male, female, ability) of the group maybe different from site to site.  

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