Parent Information -

Looking for more information?  Visit the Potomac Valley Parents page for information from "swimming 101" to preparing for your child to swim in college. 

RMSC Apparel

- RMSC is a proud supporter of Cassel's.   Click on the Cassel's logo at the bottom of any page to order your RMSC team aparrel and gear.



Officials Corner -

Potomac Valley prepares and trains all of our officials.  To learn more about becoming an official visit the Potomac Valley Officials Page

Each RMSC site has an officials coordinator.  Contact your child's site administrator for information on how join RMSC's officiating team.

 *MCR site (GISC, KSAC, MLK, OSC) officials who meet requirements are eligible for a discount


USA Swimming 10 Commandments for Swim Parents

I. Thou shall not impose thy ambitions on thy child.

II. Thou shall be supportive no matter what.
III. Thou shall not coach thy child.

IV. Thou shall only have positive things to say at a competition.

V. Thou shall acknowledge thy child's fears.

VI. Thou shall not criticize the officials.

VII. Thou shall honor thy child's coach.

VIII. Thou shall be loyal and supportive of thy team.

IX. Thy child shall have goals besides winning.

X. Thou shall not expect thy child to become an Olympian.